Optional Extras

Our optional Extras range

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Garage Door Window

With 16 different window designs, you can achieve the look that is just right for your home’s façade. All windows are available in your choice of Clear or Grey tinted Perspex. Window design add-ons are only available for Georgian and Regency Door designs.

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Cyclone Protection Garage Doors

Our doors combine strength with weight-savvy engineering to deliver products that are lighter, safer and easier to maintain than any other Cyclone Protection Door on the market.

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ThermoGuard Garage Door Insulation

ThermoGuard garage door insulation is designed for Australia’s harsh climate. Manufactured locally, the panels are made from a quality closed cell Polyisocyanurate foam core that improves the thermal insulation of your garage door. As a bonus, Thermoguard also improves the acoustic insulation for your garage.

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